April 15, 2014

A birthday boy and a girls only weekend

We are seriously trying to live it up before baby comes and we hibernate. I love hibernating, really and truly. But I also love this time to be able to focus on the big kids and have the time to blow up balloons and make a cake out of a box and not screw it up. Because I have done that before. Many a time…

Max turned 4 last Thursday, finallllyyyyy. He was the last out of the kids (and Michael) to have a birthday this spring so he had to wait so patiently through everyone else's cakes and special days. So we (namely Avila and I the master party planners) made sure to make him an extra special day. 

Last day of being three. In other words, playing house with Avila as mom, Max as dad, and Levi as the psycho kid.

We filled up his room with balloons and he awoke to a surprise. Red and blue obviously mean a Spiderman theme except a random green one snuck in and while blowing them up late at night we thought some of the pink ones were red. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

Avila made all these special pictures of her and Max. Love love love that girl.

And then she jacked his Spiderman suit so she could go skateboarding...

This is the cake that I almost but DID NOT SCREW UP. True love is picking out all the red and blue M&Ms and conveinience is using his Spiderman doll as an accessory. 

On Saturday, Avila and I headed up to Seattle for some serious(ly tiring) mother/daughter time. Great Wheel, Pier, Farmer's Market, Shopping, coffee date with my sister, Pike's Place, taxi ride, swimming, hotel movie in bed, staying up late, Mass, Kerry Park, and the PNB Ballet. 24 hours in, however, we were both desperately missing daddy and the boys. I think Avila might have cried halfway through the ballet because she wanted to get home to play with Max. 

I guess she would turn down a GF muffin for two hard boiled eggs. 

And some just-turned-7-months-pregnant bigness goodness.

So thankful for our time together. But while it was fun and we had some good memories I think we both realized that some of our most special moments are spent just day-to-day. The hugs in the morning. The talks at night (of which Michael doesn't understand at all…."how can girls talk THAT long???") It made me realize that once we add another kid to this growing family that the other ones really won't be forgotten. As long we we just remain present and keep life slow and simple they will get all the love and time and attention they need.

But for now it's time to keep ignoring them (like I have all morning) and go make lunch or something.

April 8, 2014

Five Favorites

Linking up with Moxie Wife for the weekly "Five Favorites" thing.

1. Starbucks Verrismo Espresso Machine
Came home with this baby after a recent auction and it's been super cool. Often I'm not in the mood for a big cup of coffee (say WHAT?!!!) but I still require/desire/long for the caffeine. Insert espresso. I usually top my morning off with an Americano and this thing is easy to use, heats up fast, and (despite not liking regular Starbucks coffee) tastes pretty darn good. Got the milk frother to go with it and I'll whip up some frothy almond milk goodness and lick the foam off like an ice cream cone. TMI???

It's the one on the far left, next to the Keurig. The only thing I'm annoyed about is adding something on to the counter. My non-favorite thing is counter clutter.

2. WEN
Ever seen that infomercial with the guy with the longish hair advertising the "no lather" shampoo that'll supposedly change your life? Well, IT DOES. I first heard of WEN a couple years ago right after Levi was born and I watched QVC late at night to pass the nursing time. And in March I finally pulled the trigger to try it out. A-flipping-mazing. I noticed immediately, after the first washing, that my hair was thicker, softer and super easy to style. And if you know me, I don't style. No really, I hate spending time on my hair. My go-to is wash, stick in some curling cream (more on that in the next favorite), put into a braid, sleep on it, and then don't do anything except for curl unruly bangs for the next few days. I even did an experiment to see how long I could go without washing my hair so see if it got dry or oily or gross. ELEVEN DAYS LATER I finally threw in the towel and washed it although I bet I could've gone longer. Some tips: brush hair out completely before washing. For the application apply to roots, middle, and ends then rinse. Repeat and leave in for the rest of your shower. Rinse out and apply a quarter size to ends. That's it. I'm sold. The Pomegranate is the only version that's gluten free and I bought the big bottle on Amazon (waaay cheaper than QVC or WEN.com) and I think it'll last me 3-4 months at the rate I'm going.
Love Love Love.

Just WEN in the hair a baby on my lap and Maui in the background.
Yes, please.

Great product, creepy guy? Option was to save this as my desktop wallpaper.
No, thank you.

3. Pureology Colour Stylist Illuminating Curl Cream
Keeping on the topic of hair I love this curl cream. Totally not crunchy and it makes my weird random waves turn into beachy goodness. Just scrunch in lightly after towel drying then let air dry or diffuse. I've had my bottle over a year and am only half way through!

4. Monogrammed Cards
I love having random cards with our last initial on them. They make for such quick and easy thank you's, thinking of you's, or whatever else cards. I collect them whenever I find them on sale at Target or whatever other random place I might be in. I actually just like cards in general. How fun are they to get? Not just the birthday cards but the out of the blue thinking of you cards. It must be the fact that someone took the time to write, address, and send a note.

5. Target Maternity Tanks
$12.99. Super thick and stretchy. Don't fade. Don't look maternity-ish and therefore wearable after pregnancy. I'm usually not a fan of Target clothes (don't get me wrong they are cute. They just don't last for me beyond two days of wear and tear). I'll probably do a separate post on my maternity clothing favorites in general but these babies (bahaha no pun intended) go the distance. I've worn them to a variety of different events/days out and with sweats or skirts.

No, these aren't tank tops. But they are Levi's favorite thing. I'm just glad I pulled the covers back before I climbed in.

And now my least favorite thing of the day: Screaming. But I guess if it goes along with a rousing game of hide-and-seek I won't go bonkers…....Maybe.

This weekend

With baby around the corner we are trying to cram as much fun into our days so that we can have a hall pass to slow down and do nothing for a couple months this summer. Oh, who am I kidding. I already have a cabin booked two weeks after I'm due (for my birthday weekend, wahooooo) so that we can go cheer on the runners at the White River 50. Hey, If I can't run those mountains I'll at least stare at them and dream about it and cheer on the people who can.

Max will be 4 in just a couple of days so we took to the bowling alley for some last-days-as-a-3-year-old fun. (Whoa that's hard to type that many hyphens….and to spell the word hyphen). I actually didn't suck and I beat Michael. It may or may not have had something to do with the bumpers. Avila beat all the kids and Levi beat Max. But maybe that's because Max kept throwing his ball into the other lanes. I think their favorite part was the gigantic soda.

Then on Sunday we got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Mauss, Aunt Shelley and her boys to the Lion King. Such an amazing show. The music and the costumes were incredible. And now the kids are singing pretend African (my life is a musical in and of itself, I tell you) and we plan on making our own Lion costumes this week. That is, if you don't find us outside enjoying this randomly awesome warm spring week.

And now it's time to go figure out Max's birthday cake. He wants a Spiderman cake but I don't do complicated so I think I might just whip something out of a box and stick his Spiderman doll on top. Done and done.

Happy Tuesday!

April 5, 2014


…and a baby booty crack. Happy Saturday! XOXO

April 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes - the longest day ever edition

1. I should be sleeping right now (even though it's only 9:30pm it feels like midnight thirty) but in keeping with the theme of the day, "just get one more thing done" I'm staring at a computer instead of my pillow. I guess the lesson learned is never stop a pregnant lady when she's on a roll. Call it nesting or mania but today my little rear end was on fire and I think I may have just conquered the world. Or at least the fridge. Today went something like this: up at 5:30am. Work out for an hour. Cuddle a crying teething toddler for 20 minutes. Kids up, breakfast, get ready, house picked up. Mass. Groceries for a freakishly empty fridge with a toddler and 6 year old singing at the top of their lungs (99 bottles of pop on the wall, no less. shoot me) and a 4 year old pushing a "little cart." Home for kids' chores, boys playing, and school. Deep cleaning of fridge and pantry while kids were playing/doing school. Lunch. More school. Big kids outside. Detail car, spin bike, and treadmill. Fire and movie on for kids (who were soaked from the rain) while prepping lots of food for the weekend. Made dinner. Cleaned kitchen. Daddy home. Wrestling and boxing with the kids. Want to sell Console a screaming toddler who wants to hide in the curtains instead of go to bed. Put said toddler to bed. Kiss big kids goodnight. Surf the TV but nothing is on because TV is crap. Wash face. Type blog.


2. Tomorrow I will be doing nothing. Except for get a massage. Don't be a hater. Just get pregnant and then you can have as many as you want if you just call your OB to write you a prescription. Boom.


3. Know the time when everyone older than you comments on "how fast time flies" but you just roll your eyes and say "yeah yeah whatever" but then you get old and time really does fly and you are sitting in April wondering where this time thing goes? OK, maybe just me then. It's both amazingly awesome and horribly scary how fast time passes by. Sure it makes all the hard stuff go by quicker, but it also makes one look at every precious moment and evaluate how these fleeting days should be spent. Needless to say mucho reflection and personal evaluation going on over in ma brain.


4. So, Levi is the first toddler I've really ever had to worry about. Avila had the maturity of a 50 year old when she was 2 and Max was so laid back and go with the flow he just did whatever. Or nothing. (or let his sister dress him up in pink dresses……….Michael would never let me take pictures) Well, Levi likes to run away. And hide. In neighbor's yards. More specifically in the tiny space between the shrub and the fence that no one can see. He is so stealth and quiet and can hold a hiding position for heaven only knows how long and I can never ket myself be persuaded by his twinkling blue eyes and charming smile to go outside with the big kids even though he "promises" (big quotation marks) to stay on the "dwiveway." I know your games little man. You may be a fast runner and I may be getting to be a slower crappy waddling runner but I will still always win.


5. Can I be done being pregnant now? I know I know, I so have nothing to complain about. It's just that I'm like a week away from the third trimester, and we all know what happens in the third trimester: major baby growing. Which means major belly growing. Which means major uncomfortableness coming my way. And then there's labor. Funny because just about everything else in life you can get out of except for having a baby come out once it's in. I'm just banking on the tale that subsequent labors get faster and not three weeks long full of back pain like baby #3. And, like clockwork, Braxton Hicks come my way every night between 4-5pm starting at 6 months along. If only contractions took the place of Ab work. Like, "I'll trade 2 minutes of planks for two minutes of contractions." Bartering at it's best. Or worst.


6. At some point I will post about Max's wardrobe choices. Because oh my dang I couldn't be more proud. Cut off surf shirts with distressed jeans and flips flops (or his Seahawks jersey) is what he chooses to wear just about everyday. Pair it with the blonde hair and you have the makings of one cute dude. Speaking of, I was wearing a gray (or is it grey???!!!!) tank top the other day and Max asked me, "Mom, why are you wearing a dude shirt?"


7. Boys off to a coffee date with mom while sister was at ballet. Blonde hair melt your heart overload. OK, maybe having another boy wouldn't be so bad……


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