December 9, 2006

our first entry

Hey all! Well, this is our first attempt at putting ourselves out there for all to see (at least on the internet!) so I guess we'll see how it goes! We intend to use this website as a place for our thoughts, sharing random insights, posting pictures, and giving you a glimpse, however small, into our life and family. This is all in hopes to inform, enlighten, and spark interest in how Christ is working in the world, the Church, and each of our lives.

We love to hear from people, and this site even has a place for you to post comments. (Oh, the wonders of technology...I love technology...) Feel free to write back or email when you can!
So, without further adieu, enjoy the ride!



shelley said...

Check you out! I'm excited you're jumping into the world of blogging...and Viper is too. :)

And in the immortal words of Kip...
Yes I love technology
But not as much as you, you see
But I still love technology
Always and forever

Kris Orlowski said...

This is great! I hope to see more excerpts from you two soon.

Seminarian said...

Good Stuff. I've been wondering whats become of you two. Best of luck and hopefully I'll see you soon.
-Bryan (with an emphasis on the "y" if you know what I'm saying).