December 23, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas...and a week of firsts

This Advent season, I was reminded, once again, of the true meaning of Christmas - and it all comes in the form of a 2foot Christmas tree! (well, partly...) Right after Thanksgiving, when everyone goes out to find that "perfect" Christmas tree (think Clark Griswold) Mike and I were wondering where we could even put a tree. (A 615 sq. foot apartment doesn't have that much room for a douglas fir.) So, we ended up with a little tree that sits atop our dining table - decorated with miniature ornaments, lights, and all! Only a few days after I didn't get my big tree, we sent our TV in for 3 weeks to get fixed, which meant no Christmas movies. So, with our Charlie Brown Christmas tree on our table and our Advent wreath on our TV stand, I was reminded that this Advent time should be precious...and I tried to make it so, both at home and in my classroom.

Now, for the week of firsts! The following is a list composed of the "firsts" that happened (or will happen) - all in this week:
  • first time experiencing the loads of gifts a teacher gets at Christmas
  • first Christmas break where I don't have to work!
  • first trip to Zoo Lights at Point Defiance Zoo
  • first time I had all my Christmas presents wrapped before Christmas Eve
  • owning my first pair of mittens (oh, I feel like a kid again...)

and, now, for the best of all...the first Christmas I get to spend with my husband - the greatest gift I could ever receive.


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