December 29, 2006

lunch on the 18th floor

This time off of school things is wonderful! I have been so productive these past few days even I can hardly believe it. And having time off means I get to bring lunch to my husband all the way up on the 18th floor at Merrill Lynch. Armed with a tuna sandwich and wheat thins, I chatted with all of his nice coworkers and we enjoyed lunch in the lunchroom that overlooks the Port of Tacoma and Mt. Rainer.

After lunch I got my baby fix over at a wonderful friend's house and tonight we are having some friends over we knew from Western. They are traveling around with an amazing Catholic ministry called NET ministries and they're both back from break. We're excited to see them! This weekend should hopefully be relaxing before the chaos of the New Year chimes in. Happy almost 2007!


Val said...

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Happy Epiphany...almost!

Seminarian said...

Yo Kristine,

Hope everything was great. Wish I could have seen you two... oh well, next time I guess.

Happy Epiphany.