December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

As I sit here, listening to the music Mike has in the CD player (which is so soothing, I'm almost falling asleep at the keyboard), I am reflecting upon the past few days with family and looking forward to the continuing celebration of the Christmas season. I absolutely love Church feast days because it allows me to look at all the blessings and joys of a life in Christ. Plus, it is such a great time to live the hope and excitement that comes after normal days of sacrifice and longing.

Christmas with the Mauss and Salber clans was great. We spent Christmas Eve with the Mauss', watching an incredible movie called "I am David" and feasting on crab pasta. And I got a gift certificate to Metropolitan Market, which means I get to make my first outing there! Wohoooo...We spent our own Christmas morning together (and Mike says goodnight, as I'm currently typing...) which was nice and relaxing. We watched our wedding DVD for the first time and relived the memories of almost 5 months ago. After Mass, we drove down to Vancouver and spent Christmas day with over 35 of my family members. Family get togethers are always fun. =)

OK, so I don't write too much, I'll sign off. But enjoy the octave of Christmas! Because little do we know that the 8 days after Christmas are (supposed) to be celebrated just like the 25th. So, Merry Christmas!

(ps: I'll post pictures once my camera starts working again...yuck)

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