December 14, 2006

Norah Jones…and a hot cup of tea

After hearing many of my kiddos complain of sore throats and tummy aches, guess what I came down with. Not fun…but I’m trudging through the day, because it was too late to get a sub. Plus, I like being with my kids and being the one who gets to teach them. It was so amazing yesterday – we got into a great discussion about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, and at third grade, they are innocent, yet wise enough to grasp the Truth. Not only is this great practice for my own children someday, but it is enlightening and challenging at the same time to put such “complicated” teachings in 3rd grade language. (I guess adults are the ones who make it complicated, because the young ones seem to embrace the Truth so easily!) We always talk about how it is our choice to follow Jesus, and because he loves us so much, if we make that choice everyday he will welcome us into Heaven. But, if we choose to turn away in our little actions and big actions of everyday, then it is also our choice to be separated from Him.

With purgatory I used the example of the young boy who hits a baseball through a window of a nice old man. If the boy is sorry and he asks for forgiveness, of course the man will forgive him. However, the window is still broken and to teach accountability and justice, along with his mercy, the old man has the boy replace the broken window. This is like God with us. My kiddos used the term “purify” to talk about what Purgatory is like because nothing imperfect can enter Heaven, and of course none of us is perfect. We also talked about how we can’t judge whether or not someone is in Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory because we have to hope and pray that all are in Heaven. And I left this conversation with my 29 3rd graders reenergized and excited about teaching the faith…because with holy kids and holy families our world will be transformed.

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