February 6, 2007

Band of Brothers

So, here I am...relaxing with my hot chocolate and Jason Mraz (on the stereo) after a long couple of weeks - realizing that we have definitely neglected our blog. But, things have been a wee bit busy.

On Sunday we not only celebrated our 6 month anniversary (!) but we also hung out at a way cool Super Bowl party where we met an incredible young man who definitely has a story to tell. To condense his story, he is a 23 year old soldier who was wounded on a patrol mission in Iraq last November. He received shrapnel in both of his legs from a bomb penetrating his striker vehicle, requiring 2 surgeries thus far. He showed us pictures from his time in Iraq and the pieces of (large) shrapnel that was pulled from his leg. To hear his story and his incredible outlook on life makes me so grateful for their service and their sacrifice for my life and yours. They are doing so much good with their lives and no amount of gratitude can express this. As my grandma said in a recent email, "Jesus died for our soul and our soldiers die for our freedom."

This brings me to something I've wanted to share for a while. Mike and I just watched the 10 part mini-series, Band of Brothers. It is a MUST SEE. No person should go through life without watching this. If you want to borrow it, email me! It follows the 101st Airborne through training and WWII and shows (through a movie story format from real life events) what these men went through. From D-Day, to the battle of the Bulge, to V-Day, one cannot watch this without coming away a changed person. OK, enough said. Just rent it or buy it or something!

And don't forget, pray for our soldiers and tell them thank you!


Lemmon said...

Great post! :)

Band of Brothers is amazing!! ..and the men and women serving us definitely do not get the thanks they deserve. I try to make it a point to always thank those who serve us...whether I see them at the airport or the grocery store...anywhere!

My nephew's stepdad used to have people clap for him and give up first class seats right after 911...now it's usually just glares. Very sad.

So thanks for the post! :)


Brett said...

I love B of B, i own the whole shabazz on DVD and it is one of the best purchases i ever made! I agree with Nicole, great post!
God Bless,

Andrew St.Hilaire said...

Lindsey and I will have to get on that! Right now we're on 24 and Lost just started up again... oh boy.

Lindsey and I are planning on heading south one of these days to hopefully visit our former bellinghamer friends. We'd love to see you guys!

Tom Herring said...



Yes, Band of Brothers is fantastic.

Kristine, have you seen We Were Soldiers?

If you liked B of B, you will definitely like Mel Gibson's Vietnam flick.

Hey, hizzlits & his ball and chain, myself & my ball and chain, and mike & his -- err, you -- should all get together soon diddle. :)

And anyone else from bham (bryan, brett, val, nichole etc.)!!

anyway, let's quit talking about it and get together already... :P

Now go watch We Were Soldiers (but keep some tissue on hand).

Seminarian said...

Hey guys... I don't think I have your email and I wanted to send you this:


Later.. miss you both.

Michael and Kristine said...

It's so good to hear from you all! And yes, I will make sure to watch We Were Soldiers and to post that video you sent us, Brian, on our blog. We hope to see you all soon!

kris said...

just stumbled upon your blog. Your title caught my eye. The Fire Within- a Great book and very life changing... My hubby and I both agree whole heartedly that B of B is a MUST see film series. I've enjoyed your blog tremendously! stop by and visit - kristhinks@blogspot.com

Lemmon said...

Ooh! Do invite me to any gatherings with the Bham folk!

...or you know, just a coffee or something. :)