February 16, 2007

Choosing Joy

I am not the expert, by all means, on the topic of Christian Joy. However, I have learned so much about joy these past 6 months - all from the man I've been married to. Michael has such an ability to have joy no matter what life brings his way. He loves people through challenges, obstacles, and just plain old bad days. When I'm faced with something that gets me down he's always telling me that joy is a choice, not a feeling, and even though it was annoying to hear this the first few times, it's beginning to sink in.

To put it simply and without too much detail, life is cohesive and complete with joy. Now, joy is not happiness. Happiness is a feeling. Happiness can come and go. Joy is hope that life is blessed, no matter what storms are brewing. Joy sticks around. And true joy can only come because of faith. Realizing that my actions have the ability to create (or destroy) joy in myself and in others really opened my eyes. And now, I really want to live my life in joy, because I can't control this crazy world around me.

So, thanks Michael, for teaching me and showing me what joy is. Thank you for being a leader and a servant and for helping me to love God and love others more.

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Tom Herring said...


Great post. Would you agree that marriage has expanded life itself in virtually every aspect (joy, Christ, understanding, sorrow, love, sacrifice, etc.)?

Because as the months continue to tick by...somehow I'm feeling more alive -- feeling more real -- than before.

The only thing I can think to compare it to (and it really is no comparison) is leaving home for the first time, and experiencing the world apart from Mom and Dad.

I dunno. Maybe I'm going nuts. But your post made me think about that, and so I was curious if you had experienced anything similar.


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