February 27, 2007

Lent: through the eyes of a third grader

Michael is currently on the rainy drive north to Bellingham for the house inspection tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well! I just sat down to grade some papers and to look over a Lenten reflection that my third graders did last Friday. I'm telling you, at 9 years old I was definitely not where they're at now! They teach me so much with their zealous faith and loyalty to their commitments. I wish I could post pics, but their words will suffice. Here's a little excerpt from what they wrote (with a little modification with the spelling):

During Lent I can remember Jesus by:
~you can look at a crucifix
~read the Bible every night
~when I fast I think about Jesus
~eat the Eucharist (Jesus)

Things I will do for others during Lent:
~I will go to church every Sunday and I will not complain when we don't get snack and I am really hungry
~help them to keep their promise with God
~being just like Jesus
~do novenas for people who are in need
~I can pray for people who don't know about Jesus
~I will be nice to people who aren't nice to me
~I can offer up my pain for a person
~sell things on Ebay and give the money to the poor! (exlamation mine!)

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