February 13, 2007

Seeing the Real Jesus

Last Thursday my third graders got the chance to pray in a way they never had before. And their experience with Jesus was incredible...

As Catholics, we believe that during Mass, by the power of the Holy Spirit through the priest, simple bread and wine is transformed (transubstantiated...long word, I know) into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Aka: the Real Jesus. (See John 6 and the Last Supper for Biblical accounts) The consecrated hosts that are not consumed during Mass are kept in a tabernacle. Aka: Jesus' House. On certain occasions, or in some churches all the time, the consecrated host is put in a monstrance (a gold stand) and displayed on the altar. This is so that people can come and pray in front of the Real Jesus and, through the eyes of faith, see him face to face. ("Will you not pray one hour with me...?")

My kiddos got this chance last week and they were so excited. Now, they know that Jesus is with them wherever they are and that they can pray anywhere, but we are physical people and Jesus is a physical God and he left us something physical to show that HE is always with us ("I will not leave you as orphans...") One girl in my class even told me of how Jesus came to her and gave her a special grace. The others were very reverent and I am so blessed to be at a Catholic school where they can learn about Christ and experience Him on a daily basis.

Speaking of school, time to go!

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