February 20, 2007

a sunny day...

Last Saturday was not only sunny and beautiful, but it felt like a "Transfiguration" day to me. What do I mean by this? Well, Jesus' transfiguration was a sign of hope and comfort for Peter, James, and John who were with him. This hope was found in seeing Jesus glorified and was to comfort the Apostles during Jesus' agony and death. And Saturday was a day were I felt the hope and beauty of Christ around me. It was warm (yesssss...I love sun), I had the chance to relax, and I had a fun time hanging out with Michael and some friends. Saturday also made me think of the new season approaching and how Jesus was giving me a piece of him to strengthen me for the road ahead.

Tomorrow begins the season of Lent. 40 days where we venture into the desert with Christ - praying, fasting, and giving just like he did. Lent is paradoxical for me because I fight so hard the things Jesus wants me to do, yet I look so forward to the sacrifices that it entails. The joy of Easter is ever more present if the sorrows and pains of Jesus' anticipation and death are felt first, I guess.

My kiddos are giving up our morning snack for Lent and you should have seen their faces when I told them this was our plan. Their little mouths dropped open! But they also know that they are doing this so they can feel what it's like to go without, to make an offering to God, and to replace it with a prayer for others. This is my first Lent as a teacher and I'm excited to journey with my class during this time. I'm also excited to take advantage of these next 40 days not only with my class, but also with Michael, with myself, and with Christ.


Seminarian said...

Happy Lent. Hope its a blessed one.

shelley said...

a great reflection as we head into lent. love you, sister!