March 9, 2007

"bring the children to Me"

I now truly realize the implication of these words that Jesus spoke to His Apostles. I know I talk about them all the time (and they aren't even my kids!) but my third graders have convicted me in my faith through their example and, now, recent writing on what Lent is all about. I would like to share one of these pieces with you.

Fasting is giving up food for a certain amount of days. Sometimes people give up food entirely. They do this to show God that we are willing to suffer for you and the poor.
When you pray you would [pray] to God or saints in Heaven. You pray for other people, yourself, and things, including animals. One of the best ways to pray is to go to church every Sunday. Another good way to pray is to read the Bible. It shows that you love your creator and you take time to show your feelings for others.
Almsgiving is helping the poor and poor communities. It shows that we care about poor people and poor communities.
You do things during Lent. One of the things you do is fasting. Another thing you do is praying. And the most important thing you do is to choose Jesus over anything.

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Tom Herring said...

'Out of the mouth of babes'

It's amazing how as adults we manage to make things so complicated, so confusing.

I heard a priest say his favorite confessions were of children. Adults make up all kinds of excuses and describe scenarios, etc. The 8 and 10 year olds just tell their sins.

Great post.