March 12, 2007


Shelley just sent me this picture from a newspaper, and it must be passed along! You definitely have to read the caption.
Also, yesterday was the first day of the novena to St. Joseph. (For those of you who aren't familiar with novenas, a novena is a nine-day prayer to a person of the Trinity or a Saint for a general or a special intention. This originated from the Apostles' nine days of waiting for the Holy Spirit to come - aka: Pentecost) My class is doing a shortened version of this novena and the girls I lived with in college pray this every year. It is a beautiful reflection on the life of a Saint who not only raised Christ but was a humble servant and an incredible example. His feast day is next Monday, the 19th. You can find the novena HERE if you want to join in praying it!
And, thanks, Michael, for that great post you wrote this morning!


Br. Matthew Augustine, OP said...

Hello Mike and Kristine,

Nice blog! I've added it to my favorites. I hope you are both doing well. God bless,

Br. Matthew

Amelia said...

That is an awesome article! I miss you guys so much already! Love you!