March 12, 2007


Being married these last 7+ months I have learned the profound lesson of how easy it is to disappoint someone you love & respect so much. Often little disappointments happen because of my poor communication or my selfish attitude. Fortunately the married life calls us to a swift reconciliation with the other and my wife being a loving and forgiving woman takes the risk to forgive and make herself vulnerable to be disappointed again. The trick I have learned is to humble myself as quickly as possible. Thank you Lord for the Sacrament that commits us fully to each other through all things...

So where is this coming from, one may ask??????
No, I did not have a major mess up, but I came into to work today and saw a video of someone I respected as a Catholic and in the public eye, directly defying a Church teaching. A massive disappointment to me. I understand it is hard to be challenged and called out, but humility could have prevailed, and in this case it did not. Thank you to the priest that stayed calm and spoke truth.


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