March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Michael!

This post is for my husband, because today he turns 28!
Thank you, Michael, for all you have taught me and how you love me.
Thank you, my love...

-for challenging me always to choose joy
-for pushing me to the hopes of greatness
-for being an example of hard work and perseverance
-for showing me true humility in how you live
-for being intentional in all you do
-for making me laugh (at you) everyday
-for providing for our family and placing us as your highest goal
-for fixing things when they are broken (and not putting it off, like me)
-for being my partner in faith (I love praying with you)
-for being my partner in life
-for taking out the trash and letting me do the laundry
-for helping me to love God and to love others more

I hope you like the pictures I dug up!


Amelia said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Jonathan said...

Hey Mike, Have a Wonderful Birthday!

michael g said...

Hey sorry I was late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope this year brings even more happiness and blessings!