March 5, 2007

march madness!!!

Oh my word...I think I need to take a personal day. Between spring hormones, girl drama (9 year old girls cannot play in three's), and boys who are bouncing off the walls, my kiddos are testing my patience and making me pray for my sanity...a lot. I thought last week was a fluke - that they were tired from being sick and having indoor recess (oh, gotta love the rain). But they were testy again today and I turned out a bit grumpy and frustrated by the end of the day! They know I love them, though, and that I'm hard on them for their own benefit.

Being a teacher is hard work - at least to do it right. And I guess parenting is the same thing, except only harder! (Plus, as a parent, there are no personal days!) I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about what it'll be like next year, with a new class to mold and shape. It has taken a lot of work to get my kiddos where they're at both academically and spiritually. Can I do it again, with a fresh slate? I know God will give me the grace to learn from this year and hopefully do even better.

I have realized the duty and responsibility we have as adults, and most importantly as parents, to give everything with have to the kids around us. Sure it's hard work to have firm boundaries and set high expectations but I know how much they are willing to go above and beyond what we give them. They are sponges and will absorb everything around them - constructing their world views at such a young age. And with the world around us, how scary is that! We can only do our best and give them to God, thanking Him for the gift they are to us.

(ps...sorry about another long blog...I'll try to keep it short next time!)

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Seminarian said...

A post about teaching? And here I was expecting to get your advice on how to fill out my bracket... Go Zags.