March 6, 2007

my hard working man

Now, he may not look so "hard working" here, but I'm telling you, I married one of the most loyal and dedicated of men out there! I just have to give him kudos because of everything he does for me, for us, and for our success in life. And I'm not simply talking about material success. I can see how he tries to do life and order life not only with the right priorities but also with the best attitude and a lot of zeal.

Thank you, Michael, for working so hard. Thank you for showing me how to not procrastinate =0 and how to get things done when they need to be done. And thank you for loving me and other people so much.

1 comment:

Seminarian said...

You'd think that if he cared about other people so much he'd return a dang phone call every once in a while... or maybe I don't count as "other people."

Just kidding. I'm praying for you both.