March 13, 2007

Team SOS!!!

Last year I had the incredible experience of seeing and participating (in a very small way) in the Relay For Life here in Tacoma. My eyes were opened not only to the incredible need of financing for cancer research, but also the many many lives that are touched by cancer on a daily basis. I am grateful for the resources made available two years ago to save my grandma, my best friend, when she had breast cancer. And I am grateful for the generous support that many of you give, both financially and spiritually.

I have recently joined a team, here at St. Charles, with other teachers and friends. Although we won't come close to the thousands that my sister's (and husband's) team - Team Merrill Lynch - raises each year, I can do my part to help.

You will find my Relay webpage HERE if you would like to help in any way. With your help, my goal can be reached! If you cannot support financially, I would love your prayers - especially on June 1st.

God Bless!


Seminarian said...

Awesome work Kristine... should be a good event for a good cause.

Have you seen this awesomeness yet:

Its a DOCUMENT BY POPE B16 on the Eucharist!

Jonathan (Team GTH-GA) said...

Hi Kristine, it was great to finally meet you. Good luck fundraising, I can't wait to hang out with everyone at the event!!!