March 23, 2007

things i have realized

Little moments always seem to pop into my head as I go about my day, so I thought I'd share some with you.
This is a brief list of things I have realized...

-wrinkle free doesn’t mean wrinkle free
-getting on my knees to pray is hard but once I’m there I don’t want to get up
-my favorite thing to do is laugh with my husband
-my least favorite thing to do is take out the garbage
-my pet peeve is water spots on the faucets (how do I prevent these! ugh…)
-having another sister (especially one who takes incredible pics and loves tea) is way cool
-home (even though it is only 618 sq. ft.) is my favorite place to be
-coming home to a clean house is wonderful…now I know why men like it so much!
-in addition to the above: vacuum lines are beautiful =)
-9 year old girl drama is hard to fix
-having a good coffee mug is essential
-I don’t have to put ketchup on everything
-less is definitely more
-I have too many shoes
-my heart is restless unless it does all that Jesus asks of me
-sweats and flip-flops should be the dress code at every workplace
-love is hard and it must be worked at everyday

and last but not least: when making plans, make sure to bank on God changing them a ba-gillion times…

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