March 16, 2007

a weekend with friends

Last weekend Michael and I got to spend a couple of days with my bestest friends. Amelia came from Wyoming on a little get-a-way from the amazing work she's doing at a Catholic ranch for troubled girls, and friends from all over the state gathered together to hang out, see new babies and play with "old" ones, and have a hand in a teddy gram poker tournament. (I won, but of course I ate most of the chocolate ones before I could count them...)

I have known these people since my freshman year in college and these girls, especially, show me what it really means to be a woman in a world that tells me a definition that is completely opposite. I love them so much! I only wish we were all closer...But here are some pictures and some memories to share with you!
(picture up top: Cheri, Amelia, Annie, Kristine, Jessi)

the boys: Jamie with son Isaiah, Mark, Zach with son Issac, and Mike

Mike with Issac, who is obssesed with the fan!

Isaiah and me

Jessi and 4 month old daughter, Catherine (Isaiah's sister)

Cheri and Annie with yummy Teddy Grams

Amelia and me on Ruston Way in Tacoma


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It's Stephanie! Nice pictures, so good to see pics of Zach and Cheri and Jamie and Jessi with their kids. The kids are so cute! I haven't seen any pics of Isaiah and Catherine recently so it's fun to see those! Isaiah looks a lot like his daddy! :) Hope all is going well with you! Hope to see you around...

Seminarian said...

I hate California. I miss Washington, but most especially, I miss all of you.

Amelia said...

I think we should do even bigger form every year!!!! I love you guys! And Bryan, we miss you too! :)

Br. Matthew Augustine, OP said...

Hey, I know these people! ;)

Wish I could be with you all but I too am camped out in California. At least I'm not in LA (Sorry Bryan). God bless and you are all in my prayers.