April 25, 2007

hanging with the deely's

Now that our friends have moved across the bridge (from only being 5 minutes away) it's a bit harder to get together, but when we do...watch out. Brian and Marta are good friends (among others here in Tacoma!) and we have fun, especially when we fondue. Here are some pics from this past weekend...

(who knew we'd be on camera...?)

michael, after spilling chocolate on his shirt...thanks goodness for marta's Tide stick!

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Matthew said...


wow! Looks like you've got everything going well! Congrats on electing (with your spouse) to participate in anticipating the eschatological wedding feast of the Lamb by symbolizing the very inner life of the Trinity by your life long commitment of total gift of self your spouse. I'm finishing up teaching at a Jesuit high school in Dallas, fighting the good fight (it's far more liberal here than Bell Prep if you can believe that), and amazingly, will be entering (finally!!) the novitiate for the New Orleans province Jesuits this August. Yes, I'm biting the bullet. But there have been and there continue to be many good young orthodox guys entering this province--so the reform is starting here! I'll be home this summer, so we'll definitely have to hang out. All the best in Christ, Fish.