April 9, 2007

Happy Alleluia!

Instead of "Happy Easter" many people around the world say "Happy Alleluia!" And we get to say this for the next 8 days! The octave of Easter has begun and everyday in the Church is celebrated just like Easter. I love being Catholic...the party never stops!

Michael and I had a wonderful time visiting my family and I love it when there's a houseful. Last weekend we had Palm Sunday brunch with mom and dad Mauss and we pulled a wonderful April Fool's joke on them! (and them to us, might I add...)

Good Friday also marked the beginning of the Divine Mercy Novena. This novena and chaplet was given to us by St. Faustina. Divine Mercy Sunday was established as a feast day by Pope John Paul II for the Sunday following Easter. During these nine days we pray for God’s mercy for ourselves and for the world. For more info on this incredible devotion click here. Even if it's Monday, it's not too late to start!

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Jonathan said...

Happy Alleluia to you too!!! We missed you guys yesterday.