April 20, 2007

one step closer!

Although my past two blogs have been about a topic that leaves me saddened, this blog is about a joyful decision made in a culture that (God, we pray) is hopefully turning around. (What can I say, I'm an optimist!) In a 5-4 decision in the Supreme Court, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban was upheld, making it a national precedence that babies are one step closer to being saved from murder. I am extremely grateful to God for giving us a shot at a second chance. The road of abortion has been dark and is rooted in the pits of evil and, as Christians, we are called once again to stand up for the helpless victims of our present day silent holocaust.

While in college, I was awakened not only to the facts of abortion but the extreme duty I have, we all have, to do what we can to stop it. Of course we must help all the defenseless, however, we must first ensure that people are allowed to be born, to have the right to live! No matter what small or large step we take to riding our society of the notion that life can be dispensed at our whim, we must take it.

The first step is to become knowledgeable. There are many websites to go to learn about the facts of abortion. Some that I recommend are:




This is only a short list. Feel free to check out the sites posted on our blog, too.
There are currently 1.3 million abortions performed each year in the United States. Over 46 million babies have died since abortion was made legal in 1973. These are staggering numbers and we cannot continue to ignore them. A statistic is not just a statistic when we are dealing with our brothers and sisters who never even got a chance.

Now, there are many reasons to debate why abortion is wrong and I will save most of them for another post. The whole thing is that the pro-life side is the only side that uses God's gift of reason to make their point!!! It angers me so much when people talk only from feeling and emotion. Scientific and intellectual reason point to life at conception, they point to the negative effects of abortion, and they point to the exact reasons why abortion is so illogical. However, life has become so disregarded in our society that if it becomes an annoyance or a burden then we can simply do away with it - whether it be a baby in the womb, a child with a disability, or an elderly person who, according to some, "no longer serve a purpose."

After becoming knowledgeable, WE MUST PRAY. Pray that God will open our hearts to be moved. Pray that minds will be opened to have logical conversations based on reason. Pray that God has mercy on us and on those who make these crucial decisions. We can do something. We have to do something. God will ask us what we have done to help the least. And I hope we can say, "with the grace of God, all that I could."

(The above photos are courtesey of Jill Stanek's blog)

Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us...


Lemmon said...

I love those pictures!

...and even more I loved watching my sister give birth to my nephew yesterday!! Life is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

yhanks for the awesome pictures and for representing the mauss family so well mom mauss

Bek said...

Great images, great blog Kristine! I saw your link from Val's page - funny we blogged on the same issue! Congrats by the way, we were sad we had to miss the wedding! We are working our way into settling back in WA now (I actually work in DT Tacoma right now, and Chris is wrapping his degree in the next few weeks - woo hoo!). God bless and take care!