April 18, 2007

the ugly face of sin - Part 2

I am about to settle in on some Merrill Lynch work for Michael however I simply cannot clear my mind. I just watched an online O'Reily segment about the shootings in Virginia in which Bill O'Reily stated that we have come to a point in America where we are no longer able to discern and recognize Evil. And I whole-heartedly agree. (You can find the entire video here.)

My heart has been consumed lately with the fact that Satan has a hold on our culture by enabling us to believe he doesn't exist. Our culture of death, as Pope John Paul II called it, settles for moral and personal relativism, without knowing that this is costing us our souls. Everyone is right, no one is wrong. What is OK for you may not be OK for me, but as long as you're not hurting anyone...this saying has become the norm for which we not only base our actions but also justify anything and everything that occurs around us.

We have lost courage.

Now, it is not our job to force beliefs upon people or to "make" them act a certain way. However, we are called to live out our faith to the best of our ability and to be an example of Christ to those around us. I tell my third graders that we have a duty to make not only good decisions, but decisions that are formed to what Jesus wants and what the Church asks of us as God's representative on earth. Just as God is merciful, He is also just and there are consequences for our bad choices.

This is another sense we have lost - that of consequence. There are natural and supernatural consequences. When I stub my toe the natural consequence is that it hurts. When I deliberately chose to disobey God, the supernatural consequence could cost me eternity. And if we have lost the notion that Evil exists and that consequences for out actions exists - both good and bad - then we are like the "frog in a frying pan." The boiler is being turned up one notch at a time, so that, to the frog, it only feels warm. However, there will come a point when it reaches the boiling point and our culture of death, just like the frog, will perish.

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kris said...

In most cases that I see and experience the rise of evil in our culture is not in large part due to people embracing evil as good but rather people just becoming totally apathetic. People have lost passion. Passion is what motivates people on both sides. it seems to me that in most cases Satan hasn't had to go to the trouble of convincing the masses that good is evil and evil good but he simply has lulled them all to sleep. The hypnotic effect of materialism and self-indulgence, the tranquilizing effect of comfort and pleasure-a-plenty has enabled evil to thrive right under the noses of millions of generally decent people. Tim and I always say that it's not the evil people who frustrate us so much (although we do hate evil of course) but all those decent average neighbors we have (many of whom are Catholic)who seem happily clueless living their lives in the dark.
How do you wake up a sleeping world? I'm afraid God the Father has a major alarm clock ready to go off if we don't stop hitting the snooze button, ignoring all these smaller alarms.