April 11, 2007

watching the ducks

I have officially been on spring break for three days. My goal? To get relaxed and rejuvenated to face 29 third graders next Monday and be able to finish out the year in stride. So far my goal has been accomplished! Although many of my kiddos have headed off to exotic vacations for the week (and some a bit longer...can anyone say: make-up work?) I have attempted to find joys in the little things around me. Just as Michael is a purposeful person and someone who makes use of any situation, this has been something I've wanted to get back to. So much of my short life has passed me by in anticipation for the "next big thing," whether it be a vacation, a milestone, or whatever else my mind is set on. But not any longer! As Michael told me last night, "if a day feels wasted, it is our own fault!"

Here are some things I have found joy and relaxation in over the past few days:

~getting the oil changed and having the check engie light turn off
~developing pictures from the past 2 years
~sleeping in (but only this morning because Michael's gotten me to take him to work at 5:45AM)
~going for a walk on the Tacoma waterfront and watching a duck play in the water
~bringing Michael his lunch and not forgetting the ketchup
~getting a hot stone massage
~going to Mass in the mornings (and seeing some of my students!)
~having brunch with mom Mauss
~being able to take kickboxing, even though the teacher didn't show up!
~watching a million Seinfield and The Office episodes
~getting our home really clean
~catching up with friends

and the best of all:
~not doing anything at all...

Here is an early morning picture from our patio. I just love sunrises.

And one last thing...Say a prayer that Michael and I travel safe tonight! We're taking the red eye to Des Moines, Iowa to visit his grandparents. We return on Saturday night. How exciting to meet new family!

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