May 23, 2007

Auction Time!

Last weekend, sandwiched on the outside of moving, was St. Charles' annual school auction. This year marked 25 years of the school and 50 years of the parish, and the theme was appropriately titled, Silver and Gold. The auction spanned both Friday and Saturday night and raised over $400,000! whoa....

Among some of the biddable items were a "Day at the Beach with Mrs. Mauss," which went for just under $2000, and our class project which was an arbor with the tiles created by my students for the bench underneath. As I was called up on stage to "show off" my class project Tom started bidding and how neat was it that he ended up with the arbor! It is sitting beautifully on the bulk-head of the beach at their home. I was lucky enough to come away with my class' silent auction item, which was a plate with self-portraits of my students. This is a keepsake I will have forever!

During the opening slide show for the auction, I was reminded once again of two things. First I was reminded of the tremendous impact children have on us "adults." They light a spark and touch a part in the soul that is unreachable otherwise. Second, I saw the value of a solid, Catholic education in another light. Although Michael and I have strong feelings about educating our own children, we are not completely shut off from the idea of sending our kids to Catholic school - especially one that is driven to educate not only the intellectual but also the spiritual side of the child in a way that is in keeping with the Truths of the Catholic faith. We remain open to how God is calling us to raise and educate our future children, because they are a huge gift and a huge responsibility!

In closing, here are some pictures from the weekend:

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