May 31, 2007

now you see it... you don't!

This is the unofficial theme of our home. As of late (well, the past week since we moved in) many things have been doing a disappearing act. No, I'm not talking about burglary. I am talking about the changes that have occurred because of the excitement of being homeowners!

Here's a recap of the projects from the past week:
~"refinished" the hardwood floors (go to Home Depot. The stuff is called Rejuvenate. I call it floor bling.)
~primed and painted the bathroom and the office
~in the process of painting the dark wains coting upstairs a lovely white
~knocked down a wall between the kitchen and dining area
~new closet doors
~successfully designed a new kitchen after HOURS of figuring out how to fit big appliances into a small kitchen. Solution? Make the kitchen bigger!

Here is a list of what it yet to come!
~paint the rest of the house
~install our new kitchen!
~finish the unfinished basement...eventually
~get the yard spruced up (I finally get to learn how to plant!)
~paint the outside trim and door and put up new shutters
~create a walkway and a picket fence in the front yard
~deal with the odds and ends of a new home

And here are a few pics of our new home...I will include more pictures as projects get finished!

our new home!

the dining area and kitchen separated by a wall

...but not for long!

painting the bathroom

part of the living area

one of the downstairs bedrooms


Lemmon said...

Oooh...floor bling turned out great!

Tom Herring said...

you're new house looks great! you guys are pros!


Tom Herring said...

This isn't Tom -- it's Carrie. But I wanted to check in and see how you're doing and to see pictures of the new house! I'm so happy for you - the house is great! Nice work with all the "projects" you've gotten done in only a week! Man...Now that it's nice outside, Tom and I REALLY need to tackle the back yard at our house. It's in serious need of beautification; but fortunately I like doing it and my dad's done it all his life. We're looking forward to his help. Can't wait to see you both...hopefully soon! I love you!