May 10, 2007

rosaries in the grass

I really wish I could post pictures of my class for this post, but imagery will have to suffice. Since May is the Month of Mary, every class is praying the Rosary, or at least a decade, each day for the entire month. My class has been waiting for May for a while and it is awesome to see them get so excited about bringing in their own Rosaries, many given as gifts in remembrance of their First Communion. I even had a boy who begged me to have a sharing day next week where they could bring in all their Mary books and statues to show each other! I have many stories to share (of course) but the one that has made my heart leap for joy is the one I will share with you in this post.

As Divine Providence would have it my kids' Music time was cancelled on Tuesday, which meant so was my planning time. (grrrrrrrr....) I didn't know what to fill it with, so I grabbed a video from the Library called "The Day the Sun Danced." It was a short animated video about the story of Our Lady of Fatima and the three children she appeared to. I found it to be fitting given we are praying the Rosary each day. What I didn't conceive of was the impact this story would have on my kids. Yes, the video's animation was cheezy, however, the message was not. Seeing children their own age experience such an incredible gift from Jesus and Mary and internalizing what Mary asked of them and the world, they have truly embraced this call of Mary to turn away from sin, offer sacrifices for those who don't know Jesus, and fulfill their duty of prayer.

To briefly explain, Our Lady asked of us to pray and sacrifice for sinners, show devotion to her Immaculate Heart, stop offending God of our sins, and to pray the Rosary daily.

And the conversation that ensued after the video left me knowing Jesus didn't want me to have my planning time for a reason!

They talked about how hard it must have been for the children to be mocked and persecuted when people didn't believe them. They shared sacrifices they could make to help people turn back to Jesus. They brought back images of Mary's Immaculate Heart. And they were given a grace by God to become even more excited and zealous about their faith.

This leads me to the vision of a group of about 15 kids, who now bring their rosaries out to recess, sit in a big circle under a shady tree, and try to pray as many decades as they can before the bell rings. They even find joy in the other kids making fun of them.

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when a girl walked in, during her recess time, to my amazement. I asked her what she needed, and she simply said, "I need a rosary. We are praying rosaries in the grass..."


Kate said...

That is such an amazingly powerful story. I am moved by your students and how the Lord works in such little children.

Seminarian said...


Wow. I don't know what to say. I'm so proud of you. As far as vocations go, you nailed yours. I'll say a prayer tonight for you and your class.

Seriously, I can't tell you how happy this just made me.

See you soon

kris said...

This is wonderful. I hope that these little ones can hold onto the lesson they are learning from you in class. Even if they grow up and "fall away" (which many may I suspect) they will always have these important lessons to reflect upon.
A teacher like you is the kind that makes the most important of all lasting impressions - that God and our faith are what matters most. This will be the thread that holds them to their faithwhenlife and the world wears the connection thin...
Thank goodness there are teachers still out there like you!

Mary Shelton said...

Hi Kristine and Michael,

It was wonderful to have shared the "Into Great Silence" experience with you! I just read a great review of it I thought you might like to read. It is God Bless you both and all the best for your first home.


Mary and Steve

shelley said...

that's so beautiful! :)

I love you and your kiddo stories!! ♥

Michael and Kristine said...

thanks for the kind words! but it really is Jesus who is working!