May 5, 2007

The luckiest man alive!

So how do I know I am married to an incredible woman? It is easy when I receive notes like this....

I have known that I am called to love in the image & likeness of God, because He created me and He is Love. But love must be directed at an other, and you are my other. The practical means of living out who I am created to be is through you! You are more than my lover & best friend – you are my path to live as God called me & you are my path to Heaven. Thank you for allowing me to live out my vocation & be a part of your life.
Your Wife

I love you babe!

1 comment:

Seminarian said...

You two are so cute its disgusting.

Will I be able to see you guys in two weeks when I'm back in town? Hope so.

Take care and enjoy the vocation.