June 19, 2007

home update

I thought I'd give a little update on how progress at "the Greek" is going. (Can you figure out why we named our house this, for the time being? Answer: white house, royal blue trim) We have barely lived here a month and already we have made huge changes! I don't bother unpacking anything because it just gets boxed up when we move things around. I also don't bother cleaning much because we keep making demolition messes! Anyway, here's what is on the lowdown:

-new cabinets coming next week!
-appliances arriving after the cabinets
-hardwood floors installed 1st week of July
-granite tile counter tops ordered
-floor and door trim in the bathroom painted and (almost) installed
-painted the dark wood paneling upstairs a new white color

and now that I am off for summer break I actually have time to start even more projects! We will be busy, but I am sooo excited for the finished product.

During one of my ten hours painting the other weekend I was contemplating why we were putting so much time and effort into a home that, even without our personal touches, would be very livable. It came to my mind that for Michael and I our home reflects what we desire to bring to the world. We want our home to be inviting, peaceful, and a place where God's love is reflected. This obviously doesn't have to occur with new paint and new cabinets, however not only has all this work taught me patience and self-discipline, but also with every paint stroke and swing of the hammer I try to think of all the people that will enter our home. I pray for them. I ask God to make our home a place where we can raise healthy and holy children. When people stay over I want them to have a room that makes them feel at home. (I learned this from one of my best friends, Cheri, who always has personal touches when people are visiting!)

So, when all is through (hopefully by the middle or end of July) the doors will be open and we invite you all to come on in!


David Jaspers said...

Hello Mike and Kristine,
Shelly just gave me your blog! What a blessing. I pray that your home may be as you hope, but know that who you are already makes people feel welcome and is a witness to the love of God. I'm in Olympia for the summer and am looking forward to meeting you Kristine and seeing you again Mike.
Peace in Christ,
David Jaspers

Mallahan Family said...

Thanks for the compliment! I can't wait to visit your home

It was so good to see you this weekend Kristine!

Talk to you soon.
Love, Cheri