June 17, 2007

off to fourth grade!

Friday was our last day of school and I sent my kiddos off to fourth grade as prepared as they can be. They all were driving me up the wall the last week of school with how "high maintenance" they were and I figured out that God makes them crazy because then I'll want to get rid of them! Just kidding, I didn't want to get rid of them. But, I had to realize that I am not their mom (!) and I need to trust that God will not let any of them be lost to the world when they grow up.

On Thursday we had a 3A Celebration and I invited parents to come in. We opened our time capsule, said goodbye to friends not returning next year, and I passed out "awards" to each one of them based on their own special gifts and talents. The awards ranged from Most Humble, Amazing Author, Mr. and Miss Integrity, and Most Likely to be Pope, to Future Pilot, Most Knowledgeable, and the Light of Christ. After the awards we watched our slideshow, and even though I didn't cry, many parents sure did! (If you haven't seen the slideshow and want to, just email me and I'll send the link.)

Friday was Mass and then Field Day. (remember field day? It's just like an all-day recess!) Of course I was bombarded with gifts and cards and I thought I'd share just a couple with you:

from my Light of Christ winner:
Thank you for being my teacher and for being patient with me...I forgot to tell you this. God gave you a gift of teaching.
Hopefully you will have children of your own.

Dear Mrs. Mauss,
Thank you for really caring about us and teaching me even if you got a little mad sometimes.
From, The future Pope

And this comes from my Sweetest Smile. She just touches my heart with her big brown eyes and her little face and heart-warming smile. She lost her mom to cancer when she was just nine months old and she prays everyday for her mom to be in Heaven. She wrote me this:
Dear Mrs. Mauss,
It has been a great year for me! I hope it has for you! And I just wanted to tell you that you're the best, nicest, lovingest teacher I have ever had...I wanted to tell you that I love you! You're like a mom to me.

(insert here a tear rolling down my cheek)

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