June 26, 2007

our new kitchen!

well...in 2 weeks (if all goes according to plan). Michael has been unbelievably busy tearing things out and putting new stuff back in, like wires, plumbing, installation, and drywall. I help whenever I can but the biggest way I can help is by stop complaining about the dust everywhere. Or that there was no running water for a day. Or that I have no kitchen sink.
(Thanks for all your hard work Michael!)

Here are some pics from the latest stage in the game:
the kitchen, without anything kitchen-like in it
(nice job, Michael!)
don't you love it

our "bedroom" kitchen
and my absolute favorite...


Lemmon said...

So what you are saying is...I didn't REALLY need to clean those cabinets out? :)

Looking good! So exciting! Can't wait to see the end result!

shelley said...

that's awesome.

just remember, my powder room is nearby if the water stays off! :)

Michael and Kristine said...

haha! thanks, shelley. luckily i didn't have to hold it another day!