June 5, 2007

standing on my soapbox

There are many things I will admit to. Being a Celine Dion fan is one of them. Enjoying ketchup on tuna is another. However, it is hard for me to admit that now Michael and I have TV, I've been watching Oprah.

Growing up, like in many households with stay at home moms, Oprah is usually to be found on in the background during daytime TV. I used to enjoy watching her shows until, as my previous post on reason would point out, I felt a pang in my conscience every time I turned her on. Too many things just didn't add up. She talked about "Spirit" but never mentioned the only True Spirit there is. She would bring up issues about mothering and family life, yet glorify choosing what's best for the "me" versus anyone else. And, yesterday, I was again saddened to see that amidst the topic of "anti-aging" that failed marriages, focusing on the self, and avoiding death at all costs were the real issues at hand.

Now, I don't want to spend my time talking about my views on Oprah, because there are many of them, but I will focus on two things. First, I wanted to mention why my heart cringed when the topic of death and aging was being discussed. And, two, I want to make a brief point on TV, itself, and how it sucks us in...me included.

When the women on the show got to the point why they need the tummy tucks, and face lifts, and botox, and younger men they said it is because they LOATH and FEAR the d-word...death. It is feared because of the unknown. It was never thought about by these women, among others. And it was the last thing they wanted to happen to them. Well, let me tell you a little secret...it will happen to all of us! And how sad it is, when we lose sight of Christ and his plan for us, that we become fearful and ignorant of the one thing we should be working for our whole life! If the goal of our lives is to work and pray and sacrifice and live for Heaven, and if we are lucky to receive God's grace and forgiveness, we get to spend eternity with Him! This shouldn't be something we shy away from. It should be something that is on our minds with every action we make. Our mortality keeps us humble. It puts things into perspective. It gives us hope. And it makes the things that occupy our minds seem a little less important.

Switching a bit on topic, I have been wanting to blog about TV for awhile. Now, please don't assume that I think all TV is bad, because I don't! There are a few things I enjoy to watch, within the context of keeping with my conscience. And that's just it. I know that we all have a duty to form our consciences in the light of faith, and for some people certain actions may be more convicting than for others. However I don't get how we can watch certain things on TV and still call ourselves, as Jesus requires of us, "pure of heart." I remember when "Friends" was a big hit and, for some reason, every time I sat down to watch an episode I felt an uncomfortable knot in my stomach. Yet, when I walked away, the knot went away, too. I thought "Friends" crossed the line, then? Now look at what we are faced with! Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, Sex in the City. I know I may make even some of my friends feel uncomfortable when I mention these very popular shows, however, I can't let it sit on my conscience. We must be very discerning when we turn on the tube. What is it that we are condoning by our participation in it's popularity? It isn't enough to say that we don't do "the love triangles" ourselves. We have to realize that this is a big issue and learn how to fill our time with things that are actually going to do our soul and our society some good.

And this exact point brings me to look at myself. Can I, truly, in good conscience have Ms. Winfrey in the background without being discerning of what she says? Probably not. So, I guess I will get down from my soapbox and go turn off the TV.


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Tom Herring said...

"I remember when "Friends" was a big hit and, for some reason, every time I sat down to watch an episode I felt an uncomfortable knot in my stomach." -Kris

Glad to hear I wasn't the only one...