July 26, 2007

an incredible family

Yes, I know it has been over 15 days since we have last posted, however, with more time on my hands I seem to be doing less. I finally even got around to cleaning the bathroom! In all actuality my mind has been filled with things to post and comment about, especially with the faith, however when I sit down to write I can't remember any of it! So, I pick up from our hiatus with something that has become even more evident to me over this past summer - what an incredible family Michal and I are blessed with and how God wants us to be the same.

All throughout our home remodel, our parents have been there. Mom and Dad Mauss have opened their home during the many nights when our home was inhabitable. We have enjoyed Karol's wonderful dinners and relaxing times on the water, not to mention playful times with the dogs! They are so giving and open to share whatever they have with others, family or not, no matter what the circumstance requires. Thank you for all you have done for us!

Mom and Dad Salber have also been there for us, even at a moment's notice - especially in all the hours spent driving from their house to ours (at least 2 hours one way!). They have come up many times, tools in tow, to help clean up our yard, install our cabinets, deliver furniture, make trips to the dump (oh fun), and help out with whatever odd jobs are needed. My dad is on his way up, as we speak, to finish the LAST piece of our kitchen - the installation of our countertops! Words cannot express how much we appreciate all your work!

Michael and I can't forget another key piece to our wonderful family - our sisters.

In our life together, I have gained an older sister, Shelley, who continually amazes me with how intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and amazing she is. Before Michael and I were even dating I looked up to her (little did she know!) and I recognized that she was someone I always wanted in my life. And what do you know, my wish was granted! I know Michael enjoys working with her at Merrill Lynch and he always comments at how good she is with the business and how much he learns from her. We love you, Shelley and congrats to you and your love, Jonathon!

Michael has also gained two younger sisters, Ashley and Kelsey. To be honest I have always been a bit jealous of all they have going for them! (maybe this is why I was so mean when we were growing up...haha) Ashley is not only going to be an incredible teacher someday, but she will also be an incredible wife and mother. She has an innate knack for taking care of people and for being a genuine and kind person to all she meets. She is mature and she is strong in standing up for what she believes in. Keep it up sister!
Kelsey has always been someone, even from a young age, who knows right from wrong. I commend her on all she has struggled with in life, from friends to anything else, and I see how God has molded her into such a strong person. I was Kelsey's confirmation sponsor and I also see how she takes her faith seriously. When I was home last weekend, I saw marked prayer books right next to her bed, knowing they were used probably more than mine!

Thank you to everyone, especially our family, for showing us how to love and be a support to one another. Of course you do this in praying for us, but more importantly you have shown us what it means to be Jesus to others. Through your big and little actions we have been called out of ourselves to recognize that we must do this for others - convenient or not.

So, thank you for your gifts and your love, for "what you do to the least of these, YOU DO TO ME."


liz said...

I am so glad that you are back- I have missed your posts!
I enjoy the "peeks" into your life that you give us all.
I am looking forward to getting to know you through the happenings surrounding Shelley's wedding!

Jonathan said...

And I'm the lucky one that gets to gain a Brother and a Sister!!!!