July 11, 2007

what a week!

wow! we haven't been home, let alone near a computer for a while. this has been an absolutely crazy week as many many things took place. in an attempt to give a glimpse of it all, this may seem like a long blog. but for some cool pics, try to make it to the end!

July 1-3: kicked out of our house as our hardwood floors were being refinished. we enjoyed a lovely few days at tom and karols.

July 3: Fireworks at Poulsbo. For those who don't know, Mike is a certified Pyro. For the past ten years he, along with PLU football buddies and the current head coach, have hand shot the fireworks shows at Liberty Bay (on a barge) and on the 4th at Fort Lewis. On the 3rd the guys jump on the barge in the morning and float to Poulsbo while building the show, making banks of mortars. Us wives meet the boys in the bay and we BBQ on the barge, until we jump on the tugboat to watch our husbands strap on their football helmets and use road flares to light an intense 25 minute show. Picture this: the "quickmatch" they light burns at 60ft a second, and they only have 2 feet of it between them and an explosion that can take a head off. Whoa. But they're smart and they sure do put on an incredible show. Here are some of my pics, along with 2 links that you should click on from the Kitsap Sun.

the story is here...their dream job: playing with fire
a cool audio post, complete with a slideshow, is here...pyrotechnics: a team effort

courtesy of shelley mauss:

July 4th: Fireworks at Ft. Lewis. Again we BBQ but this time we are closer to the action when the show goes off. It's pretty cool.

again courtesy of SM

red dots on the ground = our husbands

July 5-7: My parents came into town! To see us, yes, but more importantly to help clean up our yard and install our cabinets! We're almost complete, as the appliances have arrived, but we're just waiting on the tile countertops, as a HUGE mixup was made by Lowe's. Needless to say we are getting our Granite for 75% off! We also had dinner at mom and dad mauss' on Friday night.

July 7th: 2 words...KENNY CHESNEY!
Mike surprised me with tickets and we enjoyed the warm summer sun, a pulsating Qwest Field, and 5 amazing country artists: Pat Greene, Sara Evans, Sugarland, Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney.

So, after all this, can you picture what we did Sunday?
SLEEP. all day.
We went to Mass of course, but not until 7pm.

And now, I am sitting at tom and karol's once more, as the last coat of our hardwoods is being finished. after this, I think another nap is in order.

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