August 17, 2007

I'm Back!

It is so true what they say about pregnancy - the morning (actually all-day) sickness, being tired ALL THE TIME, having swollen feet at the end of a walk to the mailbox, and being forgetful (I've already lost 2 pairs of sunglasses and my favorite sweatshirt, I leave everything out of the fridge, and I forgot about a meeting I had in Seattle last week!). However, it is also true that when the first 3 months (the most crucial months) are over, life returns somewhat to normal. So.....I'm back!

These past two weeks I've been able to catch up on 2 months worth of cleaning, wake up at a decent hour, and even get my daily workouts in. I can even stand and sing at Mass without being out of breath! But thank goodness for a summer off from work, as I've been able to rest as much as my body, and growing baby, needs. It is incredible what has taken over my body and everyday I have many revelations about the miracle that God has ordained inside of me.

Miracle. This word is usually sluffed off as being in the category of fairies and white clouds. We toss around this word, saying "Oh, what a miracle..." But do we really know what it means? I didn't until June 21, when I found out a life had been created three weeks earlier and was growing inside of me. From an act of love, God allows us to be CO-CREATORS with Him! At the moment of fertilization, our baby had the DNA code it would have for life. It's genetic make-up had been determined. During the second week of pregnancy (before we even knew) our baby had the foundations of it's nervous system, liver, pancreas, skeleton, connective tissues, and blood system, among others. At 3 weeks our baby had the plate that later become his (or her) heart. And, now, at 12 1/2 weeks our baby measures 4 1/2 inches in length and she has fingernails, hair buds on her body, and she has every organ needed. All she has to do now is become more developed and get stronger and bigger for us to welcome her into this world.

And to even think that abortion is still legal at this point of pregnancy. It makes me want to cry...

We are lucky to have a wonderful doctor. Because of my past medical history I am seeing a "high-risk" pregnancy doctor. I get checked a bit more often and I can see our baby whenever I want. We have had three ultrasounds already! Our first ultrasound came at 7 weeks, after I had a scare with my appendix. I was experiencing intense pain on my right side and went in to get checked out. Everything ended up being OK, and to see our little baby for the first time with his heart literally beating out of his chest was enough to make me realize my life was no longer about me. The second time we saw him, at 9 weeks, he was upside down, on his head, and was kicking his legs! (I think he was just showing off...) And at our lat appointment, with Mom Mauss and Michael at my side, we had quite a bit longer ultrasound and we saw our baby reaching to suck his thumb and be stubborn for the doctor when he wouldn't cooperate! I will post pics once I can find my camera charger.

I look at pictures of our little guy everyday. I am attempting to keep a journal, which includes letters to our baby. I want her to know how much she is loved. I want her to look back and see the miracle that she really is. Nothing in her life is arbitrary and we are excited to see her grow and develop over these next 2 trimesters...6 months to go! And I bet before we know it, February will be here!

pregnancy week by week


Kate said...

You two are going to be amazing parents.

Tom & Carrie Herring said...

It DOES go by quickly! I still can't believe that any day now our little one could arrive...I'm so happy for you three. I love you!