August 20, 2007

Pictures of Baby Mauss

At our 12 week ultrasound last week, our baby gave us these great shots. I would comment more, but pictures really do say a thousand words.

here you can see fingers, the eye sockets, nose, mouth, and ear

here the baby is moving to suck her thumb and towards the bottom of her torso you can see her leg, foot, and toes by her hand

this is what I like to call "Alien Baby!" But at least you can see the brain!


Shelly said...

Kristine & Mike,
what a PRECIOUS and adorable wee one you have!!
We finally found your blog and are rejoicing to catch up with your exciting and busy summer (without even talking with you!) God is so good, and you are so beautifully open to Him and his creative love that now an eternal soul exists forever! We are already imagining what a cutie she or he will be! You have been and remain in our daily prayers! We love you guys!
Shelly, Bill, Joseph, Johnny, and Annelisie

Val said...

So amazing!! Are you guys going to find out if baby is a girl or boy before he/she is born?

Erin said...

Hi there. I found your site thru Tom and Carrie's. Congrats on your little one!! Also, love all the work you gusy are doing on the house....amazing. We have never owned yet but it is all very inspiring!!