August 27, 2007

A Sunday Afternoon Project

Before we converted to natural gas, we had a huge oil furnace in the basement with a chimney that ran from basement to roof. We already had the furnace removed and replaced with a natural gas furnace, and the chimney became out of order. It really served no purpose except for being a nuisance if we ever wanted to straighten out the stairs to the basement when we finish it - and Michael had it in his mind that he wanted those stairs straight! (I will give him credit, however, because it does look a lot better now...story continues below)

So, about 2 weeks ago, Michael came home with a harness for our steep roof and shimmied on up there to begin the chimney removal process. After knocking off the roof portion, we came to find out the chimney had not been swept for years. (how many years is a mystery...) That night, while walking around our newly cleaned home, we discovered soot all over our feet. Come to find out the soot had completely covered the basement and made it's way up to the kitchen and living area. (insert shock here) To make a long story short Michael cleaned the basement while I tackled the upstairs. A day of cleaning later, we had the chimney swept and the chimney man managed to track soot all over our, once again, newly cleaned home. (insert crying here...hey, pregnancy brings a lot of hormones) The cleaning process began yet another time in the same week.

Yesterday we had a free afternoon. (weird, huh?) After Mass, we looked at each other and decided to take the chimney out once and for all. (Well, Michael decided and I questioningly went along for the ride) We completely sealed off the chimney both upstairs and downstairs. See the pictures for evidence:

I then left the house, knowing that I couldn't be there for more demolition. Once I got into my car I said a Divine Mercy chaplet, telling Jesus I trusted in my husband not to make a mess. (!) Well, my prayer was answered even though when I arrived home there was a HUGE mess. Come to find out Michael's original plan of taking the bricks down level by level didn't work so he had to literally drop the chimney from the basement. (Don't worry, he consulted professionals before embarking upon this journey!) The force of the drop was so strong it blew out the plastic and, needless to say, dirt (not soot this time) was everywhere! Take a look at Michael's face (after he washed it) below:

How did my Divine Mercy prayer help? For some odd reason I arrived home with peace on my heart knowing I could tackle yet again scrubbing every inch of our home. I wasn't grumpy about it (weird) and I didn't complain. Hmmm...maybe prayer does help!

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of our just finished kitchen!!!
The family room will eventually just be a dining room after we finish the basement and move the TV downstairs. But for now, enjoy!


Tom & Carrie Herring said...


House looks amazing. Good job guys.


Erin said...

hi there....trying to get email contact info for you guys about meals for tom and carrie since they had their email is