September 26, 2007

Baby Mauss Update


My belly is definitely growing! (Thanks to mom and dad I have some fun new maternity clothes.) The baby is growing, too, by leaps and bounds. I inform (or annoy) Michael all the time by telling him everything that's going on with our baby. I guess I really shouldn't do it during the football game. =)

The baby is a little over 6 inches long and weighs about 8 1/2 ounces. We go in for our 20 week appointment in a couple weeks where our baby gets measured all over and we get to see him, or her, once again. Some important milestones in our 18 week old (well, actually 16 weeks, but the doctors start counting from 2 weeks before conception...weird):

  • the movements are in full swing and from 2-3pm he can, on most days, be found kicking and jabbing me
  • our baby has hair (or if he has my genes, lots of hair)
  • reflexes are in motion that will prepare her for walking, nursing, and experiencing the world around her
  • he can hear and is beginning to distinguish our voices!

I just can't wait to meet Baby Mauss...


Kate said...

Will you be finding out if Baby Mauss is a boy or a girl?

Michael and Kristine said...

we are actually going to be surprised!!!

Shannon said...

When are we going to see pics of your belly? You must have one by now!