September 30, 2007

I think I've seen it all...

...until I stumbled across the paper tonight. Between liberal CNN and orthodox National Catholic Register I have encountered 2 specific articles that made me well up in tears both at school and sitting at home.

The first article came as an email from Michael. You can find the link here. The article is titled "Mom sues after IVF brings 2 babies instead of 1." It goes on to say that after a woman had artificially conceived her two children (which is wrong in and of itself because conception occurs outside the sexual act) she sued her doctor for the "extra" baby. She says she only wanted one child and her reasonings for disregarding the other are absurd! She says, "that while she enjoyed some aspects of her pregnancy, such as decorating the girls' nursery, other parts were distressing, including purchasing a stroller, or pram." You mean to tell me she doesn't want her second child because of a DOUBLE STROLLER! Come on...I am struck with the fact that, as her girls grow older and encounter this story, they'll wonder which one her mom didn't want.

But at least this mother didn't kill her second child.

This leads me to another story that made me sit down while I read it. In June, a doctor in a Milan, Italy hospital mistakenly aborted a healthy baby (in a mother carrying 2 children) instead of the other, who (quite likely inaccurately) was labeled as having down syndrome. After discovering that the abortionist killed the "wrong" child, the mother returned to the hospital to have her second baby aborted, as well. The doctor claimed he was unaware that the babies had switched positions before the first abortion (the first murder) took place.

This woman was 18 weeks pregnant, when the abortions took place last month. That is how far along I am.

When I read how far along the woman was when her babies were killed, I looked down at our own child, tucked safely in my womb, and all I could think about were our little baby's heartbeat, his wiggling fingers, his jabs in the side that come every afternoon, and how real and alive he is. He can hear, sense, and even feel. For a reminder of what an 18 week old baby looks like, here is the picture from our last post:

When will America wake up.

In college, my eyes were opened to the issue of abortion. Up until that point, I always viewed abortion as something wrong, but I didn't know a lot about it. But once I started becoming informed, I realized that this issue is bigger than any of us can grasp. Since 1973, more than 40 MILLION babies have been killed - and 93% of them were cited for "social reasons," not for the mother's health or even for rape. This is a silent holocaust. A group of human beings are being singled out, because they are not viewed as human beings, and the killing of this group is justified in so many different ways.

I could spend forever delving into the various arguments and statistics for why abortion is wrong, but all you have to do is look at an ultrasound to be convicted in your heart. When I first saw our baby, I instantly thought of the fact that the law says I can kill this child inside of me, and I have this right for another 5 months. Although partial birth abortion is now illegal (where they induce pregnancy and when the baby is about to be born, it is killed), abortion is still legal through all 3 trimesters. I don't even want to think about what that looks like in the 3rd trimester.

For many reading this blog, abortion is already viewed as an evil. However, not many of us know what to do about it. We don't have hours to pray in front of an abortion clinic or even have the knowledge to debate it with friends. For this very reason I implore you to take part, in whatever small or large way, in the national 40 Days for Life Campaign.

This is an effort to raise awareness of the horrors of abortion, save lives, bring healing, and, above all, pray for the unborn (like Baby Mauss!). Although many cities have organized groups, this can even be done on one's own. We can say a short prayer each day, make an offering of fasting, or even learn more about this silent holocaust for ourselves. Click here for the link.

40 days is a significant time. Noah was on the ark for 40 days. Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. And we can spend 40 days praying and making a sacrifice of whatever sort to save babies. They need us. For without us, they have no voice.

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