September 24, 2007

a weekend at the beach

Last Friday I headed down to the Oregon Coast with my sisters. They came down and stayed with Michael and I on Thursday and the reason for our trip was my cousin's wedding! I have a big family on my dad's side and I love getting together with them. I have only good memories from all the camping trips, holidays, and get togethers with my family. Just think, wherever we all go, there's at least 30 of us to make the event lively! My family is one of the reasons why I want a larger family of my own - to give our children the same great experiences of many cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings.

The wedding was beautiful and then I spent the rest of the weekend with my parents. Here are some pics from Friday night. (Oh, by the way...Mike couldn't make it because of the Bellarmine game. I'm glad they won!)

The 5 of us, all decked out

standing in the hotel parking lot

me and my 2nd cousin, natalie (can't wait until it's my own!!!)

my sisters with Carrie, the bride
there is never a reception without a lot of dancing
(at least I didn't post the pic of my parents doing the twist!)

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