September 10, 2007

off our hiatus

I shall make it a goal to keep this thing updated!

For me school started last week. I didn't realize the toll it would take on my pregnant feet! Needless to say I invested in comfy shoe inserts. =) I have a great class this year. They are focused, except for those few chatters, and I can tell that a lot of them have a deep reverence for Christ. Last year I was lucky that all my kids were Catholic, but this year I have a few who aren't. But what better way to catechize the parents than through a child! I have started a "Catholic Family Corner" where parents can check out books and videos from me, so hopefully this gets utilized.

Mike also started coaching football (defensive line) at Bellarmine. He really loves it. I know some of the high schoolers on the team from a camp I went to with Bellarmine this summer, so it's nice to reconnect with them and hopefully do some mentoring!

I have realized, however, that especially once the baby gets closer, my commitments must be re-evaluated to make sure our family comes first! I am starting to teach Confirmation at our parish, Sts. Peter and Paul, but our priest only wants me to do it until December so I have that time free once the baby comes. Life still remains busy, although I try to sneak in naps when I can - especially after I caught this awful cold last week. Yuck. to school! Check back again and hopefully I have kept up my blogging goal!


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