October 15, 2007

3A is getting a new student!

Most of you may know that my classroom is called "3A," as there is another 3rd grade in my school (3B). When I brought in my last set of ultrasound pictures a while ago, one of my boys suggested we put up a bulletin board with all of the baby's pictures and call it "3A is getting a new student." So, I did! We're also keeping a tally of weeks and, when it gets closer to my due date, we'll have a "contest" to guess the baby's name, sex, and birthday!

Here are some pics from my classroom:

and a grainy picture (of the picture) where the baby is picking something out of his ear!


Seminarian said...

Great idea Kristine. What a good way to teach kids about the sanctity of life. I'm happy they have such a good example of motherhood in their midst. The ultrasound is incredible!

God Bless.

Lemmon said...

I love the picture of your baby picking his/her ear!! So cute!!