October 4, 2007

Out of the mouth of a 3rd grader!

So, I guess this is my first post about my new class! (I have to keep it short because "The Office" is on soon and I have to be mentally prepared for the exhausting laughter about to ensue.)

Today the Church celebrated the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. I showed a short cartoon video (I'm telling you, they are chocked full of holy things!) on the bible story of the rich young man who couldn't give up his wealth for Jesus and the wealthy tax collector, Zacheus, who eventually turned everything over to God. It was called "Treasures in Heaven."

Anyway, because Zacheus was a tax collector his official title was "publican." During our conversation after the video, one of my girls said that she has heard of republicans and democrats before. I clarified by saying that "publican" meant something different, that this type of person collects taxes from people. Then, one of my boys said, "Well, if publicans take taxes, do republicans give the taxes back?"

This is why I love teaching 3rd grade. =)

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