November 8, 2007


Hello everyone! No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth, although these past few weeks I wish we did. =) No excuses about not blogging (or calling people back, by the way) however these last few weeks of October and into November are always the busiest. I had conferences and the Catholic Youth Convention in Seattle (I give an Apologetics workshops explaining the Catholic faith and it went great!) and Michael has been busy finishing up football, out of town on his first business trip, and putting in new stairs. (Yes, you heard me right, new stairs.) Here are some pics from the last few weeks:
the new stairs going to the basement...completed in a record 3 hours! (with help of course)
Michael and me at Mary's wedding:

Me and Baby Clare Herring!

Michael and I at Pike Place with my parents:

the baby's crib:

And now to our current endeavors...yesterday Michael and I capped off our busy weeks with a flight to Maui! We are so blessed to be able to stay with Tom and Karol for a week in Kaanapali. We hope to use this time to detox, relax, and spoil the baby with his or her first trip to the islands. We title it our "Baby Moon" haha...This wouldn't have been possible, however, without mom and dad Mauss' generosity and we are grateful to join them on their yearly vacation. Even though we're here to relax, Tom and Michael can't help but get working! Not me, however! I brought baby books and Karol and I plan to be pool bums. So, with that...Aloha!

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