November 30, 2007

in the home stretch!

Baby Mauss is growing so fast and he or she will be here before we know it! He is almost 28 weeks old and mom can definitely feel the workout that's going on at night. At least this is great reassurance for the times where Baby Mauss decides he wants to sleep all day and freak mom out by hardly moving! (Michael is now worried I'm going to be an over-protective, anal mom when I worry like this. However, I think he is just underestimating the power of a mother's bond!)
At this point of my pregnancy I am now realizing the level of sacrifice and self-donation that being a mother brings. From stretch marks (yes I have a few) to tight budgets to the fact that I can't hit the gym every morning once the baby comes I am verturing further down the road of motherhood. Sure, many mothers can just "get by" and still follow Oprah's motto of "self first," however with the weight of true motherhood on my heart I know God is preparing me for a change and transformation that will definitely be good for my soul.

In terms of Baby Mauss, she is about 15 inches long from head to toe (roughly) and weighs about 2 pounds at this point. Her lungs are capable of breathing, she can tell light from dark, and she dances every time I put in the Curious George Soundtrack (no joke). Nothing like a little Jack Johnson to get a baby going! I go in for my 28 week ultrasound next Friday, which can't come soon enough. The house is closer and closer to being "ready" and I know Michael is earning Heaven points for every time I ask him about the next project.

Here are some recent preggy pics:

and, of course, Michael wanted a full-on belly shot!

Here's Michael with Siri Inverso, Chris and Theran's daughter. Isn't she adorable?
If this is what we have to look forward to, I'll take it!

Siri having fun with our rosaries =)


Anonymous said...

Forget Oprah! Real joy comes like this
J - Jesus first
O - Others second
Y - yourself last

This really comes into play durring motherhood - enjoy!

Blessings from a mother of five expecting number six :)

Miss Alice said...

Awwwe Kristine you are so CUTE!