November 16, 2007

Pictures from Paradise there where I'm supposed to say that it's good to be back? The rain heartily welcomed us Wednesday morning, as our flight arrived in SeaTac at 7:00am. Shelley graciously picked us up and once home, it was time to change out of the flip-flops (and into my new crocs) and jet off to school. Let me tell you, Wednesday was one tired day! But, I'm not complaining. =)

Here are some pictures (in no particular order) from our trip. I didn't upload all of them but it sure seems like I did.

my adorable husband =)

Tom and Karol on our way to dinner

when there's an Orange Julius...there's Michael!

at one of the many art galleries in Lahaina

have to pose with Mary! this is after Sunday Mass

at a sports bar watching none other than Monday Night Football

hilarious shirts at the Whaler's Village...had to pick one up for Brian Deely

they had this in a baby t-shirt that we almost bought!

must needed R&R

I admit it...I'm a (palm) tree hugger!

Baby Mauss is in there somewhere!

taking funny pictures on the boardwalk

the washed out beach where Karol had to get 17 stitches!
(after being nailed by a skimboarder...ouch)

where we hung out allllll day

in the condo

Karol's suitcase full of Christmas cards and letters to mail!
learning how to play Bridge...which became our afternoon endeavor

um, dare I say, this is right before my preggy massage


on the shuttle to the airport...sniffle sniffle


Tom & Carrie Herring said...

Kristine! Great pictures. So you guys are learning to play bridge, eh? Carrie and I can play a little too. :) It's a fun game once you get the hang of it.


M&M Spies said...

Kristine! I am so glad that you guys had so much fun! You all look so happy and ultra-relaxed! YAY! We missed you guys at Sts. P&P and can't wait to hear all about your trip this weekend!

With love and prayers,