November 29, 2007


I swear we'll be less busy once the baby is joke. Mike and I chatted about this last night - the fact that come February we'll finally get to slow down. Now, I'm not being nieve about the demands of parenting, but at least we'll have the excuse to stay home and also not work on house projects for a while =)

Anyway, here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks updating what we've been up to. A baby update will come tomorrow (only 11 1/2 weeks to go!!!).

Starting the bathroom demolition. The new result is a full closet!
(we did this in the hallway, too)

uh, the hammer on the left is shot
this is literally a picture from the bathroom upstairs (through the hole) to the basement!
Wine tasting in McMinville...nothing like going to 4 awesome wineries and not having a drop of wine! (I almost had Michael buy me the chocolate port so I could at least have some in February)

We went to Jamie and Jessi's for a little Christmas dinner/reunion. Baby Mauss will sure have a ton of friends!
Notice the 2 babies in the background...all cozy in their momma's wombs =)

This one is definitely my favorite =)

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