December 20, 2007

waiting in hope

As advent comes to a close, our wait for the Christmas celebration gets closer. Despite the busyness of home projects, school, and pregnancy I really wanted (and prayed for) this to be a joyful season, especially leading into the Christmas season. So, I got my shopping done (well, almost) really early and my Christmas cards out early, too. We went down to Shelley's fiance's tree farm in Rainier (on a snowy December 1st) to get our tree, and I just love decorating for Christmas! It's fun to be able to start new traditions and carry on old ones. I really do feel a sense of peace and calmness and I realized it's because I'm trying to keep it simple. I do not venture out and about as much as I used to, in part because I HATE traffic and in part because I'm on a strict budget. When I stay home I can't spend money! Plus, I've tried to foster the attitude that I'm happy with what I have and that being resourceful is much more fulfilling than being excessive. (which is so true)

Obviously Michael and I are not only waiting for Christmas, we are also awaiting the birth of our little baby girl or baby boy. (I totally thought it was a boy and now I'm leaning towards a girl...but don't tell my dad!) My due date is only 8 weeks away and I'm still feeling great - except for more sleepless nights. When Michael can't sleep he goes and peeks in the almost finished baby's room. =) I think it's adorable. Pretty soon there will be a little one to peek in at! The baby has transitioned from kicking to rolling and I can even make out body parts! I let a couple of my kiddos feel an elbow (or a knee) the other day.

This is such a bonding time for the baby and I. I just love sitting on the couch and communicating with our child inside of me by pushing on my belly and having him push back. Sometimes it becomes a game, and I get so much joy at the thought I get to meet him soon.

I wonder what Mary felt as she bore Christ. I think about this often - especially being so close to Christmas. Instead of complaining about an "unfinished" home, I am excited to unite this with Mary's offering of Jesus' birth in a stable. How humbled and trusting must she have been, knowing the Son of God had such simple beginnings. Yet how filled with peace must she have been, knowing there was absolutely nothing that could distract her from the miracle taking place. I wish I could have been there, with her. I desire the same birth for our child as Mary had. I know Michael will take care of us, like Joseph did of Mary. I know that God will provide a safe entry into this world for baby Mauss. It has been my prayer that, despite the newness of labor and caring for a child, I will not lose sight of the miracle before me and that I will be able to revel in the simple joys of motherhood.

I will end this with a letter one of my boys wrote to baby Mauss. Being a teacher I received many Christmas gifts. However, this one topped them all. Along with two other books, a boy (whom we shall call Joey) gave me a book called God Gave Us You and in it he wrote:

Dear baby Mauss,
Hi. I'm Joey. When I was in third grade I had your mom as a teacher. She was great and always would talk to us about God. When you're in 3rd grade I will either be a sophomore or junior in high school. Your mom would always read us Max Lucado books. Me and my mom thought you would like these books.
P.S. I wrote this letter in 3rd grade
Merry Christmas!

It seems as if my third graders are waiting for baby Mauss, too!

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