December 30, 2007

a week in pictures...

This was an incredible and busy week with Christmas, working on the house, and, of course, the wedding of the year - the marriage of Shelley and Jonathan. For Christmas we spent Christmas Eve with Michael's family and then off to Mass, Christmas morning on our own, and Christmas day with the Salbers. I simply can't wait until our 32 week old baby in the womb will be 10 months old (and into everything) next Christmas! This is such a special time, and here are a few pictures from the past week (not including house pics from all the work we did. those will be up soon):

Christmas at our home. The tree is from the Sprouffski Tree Farm (we got it when it was snowing!). This will be a fun annual tradition, especially with the little Mausses =)

hanging out with the Deely's - something that never occurs without a dull moment

Shelley and I after putting together Karol's "demonic" angel. (Hey, the head spins around...)

Karol after giving me perfume, in which the title had the words "Baby Phat." Is she trying to imply something? (just kidding, Karol...hehe)

Tom always gets something from Karol that has to do with their dogs. This year it was a Portuguese Water Dog Stationary holder

Michael, me, and baby Mauss on Christmas Day at mom and dad Salber's house

At Biella's spa downtown Tacoma. Shelley treated the Bridesmaids to a lunch from Metropolitan Market and a spa day! Preggy massages are wonderful!

all dressed up for the Mauss-ski (Mauss and Sprouffski) Cosmic Bowling Extravaganza. When someone says "costume" we say "what kind!"

Michael, bowling even worse than me! (is it possible??)

The Salber Family made the trek up for the big wedding!

Shelley and Jonathon as husband and wife =)

The beautiful ladies, minus Kelsey, Mom, and Grandma
From left to right is: Ashley, Marta, me (in a preggy bridesmaid dress) Heidi, and Theran

Michael and his new brother (Shelley and I dropped the "in-law" a while ago)

Me and my newly married big sis

The beautiful reception at Union Station
I'm glad it could fit the over 400 people that were there!

Playing the Wii with Heidi, Marta, and Ashley...oh my word if I had money I would totally buy one. And that says a lot considering I'm NOT a video-game person

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